Since 2002, several hundred local St. Louis families have joined our program with a desire to host students and contribute to the life of the University in a personal way. Many of the families have daughters and sons away at college and are excited to fill the void with Washington University “kids”. Many have young children who love to have college age students to look up to.

At the beginning of each semester, families sign up for Home Plate and Ms. Zwerling Wrighton begins the “matching” process. Typically, several students are matched with the same family in order to create a comfortable atmosphere in which to get to know one another. If desired, you may sign up with a friend or two and request to be matched with the same family. Your host family will contact you directly to make dinner plans and will arrange to pick you up from campus.

Host families typically live in the neighborhoods surrounding the Washington University campus and have interesting and varied backgrounds. Every attempt is made to match students with families who share intellectual, cultural, and recreational interests. The families enjoy the program as much as the students do!

Past Home Plate activities have included planning dinner menus, cooking favorite recipes, preparing dessert together, going out for ice cream, playing games, or venturing out for neighborhood activities. Many families and students simply enjoy hanging out and getting to know one another in a relaxed home atmosphere. Our families and students are very interesting people, so there is always plenty to talk about.

Home Plate offers you just the break you need from classes, residence hall life, and campus food!